This is a story about Hina, a maiden of the moon who is associated with Marama, a male entity. Marama is said to have taken two wives who are sisters and the daughters of Tangaroa, the guardian of the sea. Hinatea, the fair sister, is described as gentle, calm, and positive, while Hinauri, the dark sister, is said to be solemn and withdrawn. The two sisters compete for Marama's attention, which is reflected in the different phases of the moon. When there is more darkness or shadow on the moon, Marama is with Hinauri, and when the moon becomes fuller, he is with Hinatea, and there is more light. The connection between the moon and the sea, and the tides, symbolizes the relationship between the moon and the ocean or the connection between a father and his daughters. Similar stories about moon maidens can be found in many other cultures, including other Pacific islands, Hawaii, India, and Egypt.